Protein Box is a registered trademark and is a health food brand which has 200+ healthy food choices on its menu. The many benefits of eating healthy food is often ignored whilst importance is given to training and exercise alone. If a person wants to lose fat or build muscle, diet plays a major role in achieving this goal. Protein Box has a wide range of exciting healthy food choices which are not only tasty and fresh but also extremely nutritious. Some of the food choices include: Pre-workout and Post-workout Meals & Shakes, Cold Press Juices, Grill section, Healthy Brown Rice Lunch Boxes (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian wraps, Oat meals, Salads, Keto, Vegan, Guilt free Biryanis, Low Carb Meals and lots of other healthy dishes to choose from. All meals are prepared fresh, using extra virgin olive oil only with no added coloring or preservatives.We specialize in low carb and high protein meals. You may opt for the vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal subscriptions which are ideally suited for students, corporate, fitness enthusiasts or anyone who has made healthy eating a part of their balanced lifestyle.


Protein Box has multiple diet kitchen outlets with online ordering and take away facility catering to your nutritional needs ranging from healthy breakfasts, lunch and dinner. Protein Box is also available on popular food delivery platforms like Swiggy,Zomato,Dotpe and Magic pin to cater to your food requirements in case you want to order food from your home or office.


Healthy diet is essential for good health & nutrition. While there has been increasing awareness on health & wellness through regular exercise & fitness, however there are very limited healthy diet food options available in Indian & even international market. There is also lack of awareness on how eating healthy is the most crucial step in anyone’s fitness endeavors. People mostly focus on physical activity and excercise but do not pay attention to eating healthy.